Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions for Shared Hosting by HostGator

How do I log in to my Control Panel?

You can follow these steps to log in to the Control Panel.

How do I point my domain to my hosting package?

You can follow these steps to locate the Name Servers or DNS records for pointing your domain to the HostGator hosting plan.

When will my website start working?

Websites usually take 24-48hours to resolve after you have changed your DNS records. In some cases where only an A record has changed, they may resolve sooner.

Can I use my account even though my domain name hasn't resolved yet?

The hosting control panel and webmail can be accessed by means of a temporary URL consisting of a server IP address and a port.

Service URL format
cPanel https://ipaddress:2083
Webmail https://ipaddress:2096

(Be sure to replace “ipaddress” with your server's IP address)

What is my Server path / Absolute path?

Server path, absolute path and webroot are all different names for the same thing - a path which defines where your files are located on the server. Here is your server path:


(Be sure to replace "cpanelusername" with your actual cPanel user name.)

My IP is different than what I was told?

HostGator has several different IP addresses for each shared server. This means that sometimes new domains will have a slightly different IP address than what is indicated in cPanel and in your welcome email.

How can I view my disk space and bandwidth usage?

Log in to the cPanel and click on the Disk Space Usage icon under Files to view the disk space usage.

Click on the Bandwidth icon under Logs to view the bandwidth usage.

How can I install an SSL certificate on my package?

You will need to contact our Support Team at zwehtetaung@zhamail.com to get the certificate installed for you.

How do I install Wordpress, Joomla or any other scripts?

The QuickInstall tool powered by MOJO Marketplace allows fast and easy installation of scripts, including: CMSes (Joomla, Drupal), Blogs (WordPress), E-commerce Software (Magento). Click on QuickInstall under the Software and Services section in your cPanel.